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NanoPOWER stays with me


I can feel my vibrating mobile phone, I answear the phone and I can hear Waldek’s voice: “ Adrian I have something totally new for you - the rod which will meet your expectation during fishing for perch and will cope with the fight with 70 cm zander. “ It was something I had been waiting for a long time.

On my face appeared a smile and the only thing which I could do was to wait for courier. I remember how strong I was rubbing my hands with excinement and desire for fishing. With new spinning rod, of course.


Nano Power XT60P 18 26-66-245

Here it is! Nano POWER XT60P JIG 18. I was holding it in my hands, my eyes couldn’t enjoy the view of that miracle. Modern guides adding a charm to the construction of the spinning rod, perfectly profiled handle gives the feeling of firm grip. NanoPower length 213 cm and casting weight to 18g was all at my disposal. All! I did not want to waste my time so I attached to the rod Specialist 1025i reel - it matched as if it was from the set, and I added Dragon Guide 8x ULTRA LITE braid.