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Trout’s offers - GS Cobra




GUIDE SELECT Cobra The third rod which I had the chance to fish with was Cobra 2.75 m, t.w. 18 - 50 g. This is the rod which with its parametres is the closest to the trout standards. The modernity of its construction and materials which it is made from is better than my old TD. Useful adventages despite of similar parametres to TD, are in my opinion in favour of GS. The rod despite of its high t.w. 50g is not stiff and works beautifully all along. I can’ t hide that this is something what I missed when it comes to my previous rod. I haven’t got the chance to tow the fish with my new rod, but the behaviour of the blank on the hooks told my a lot. This is the rod which meets my expectations and habits which I aquired while fishing. It is perfect in the hand and gives a sense of security in each situation, during towing small and big fish - I am sure about it. I am also sure that Cobra will be perfect on the Ina river, as well as during towing big trout from the Rrga and Persęta. Leading heavy spoon lure as well as smaller wobler is real pleasure and is not a problem at all. The versatility makes that you can fish comfortably with lighter and heavier lures . The length 2.75 m is also a kind of a compromise for trout rod, which will be perfect on every Pomeranian river. I have got a few models od GUIDE SELECT . Since few seasons they have been with me on the Odra river. The catfish, over 160 cm, which I towed with GS Veltica t.w. to 28g, is the best and still valid advertisment of these rods.

Dariusz Daro Mrongas
Fishing guides team.