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Trout’s offers - NanoForce i Specialist Pro




Both NanoFORCE and SPECIALISTPro are the rods which length is 2.60m , with fast action and with proper power supply to tow trout. After taking out the rods from the case, I found out that NanoFORCE is slightly faster and made from better components. The fisrt thought which crossed my mind was far away from the topic of trouts - I thought about wormer part of the season and that it was perfect offer for river spinning angler looking for “ universal” who likes fishing for zanders and pikes. However my goal was to check the usefulness of those rods by the trout river. The first one was the rod NanoFORCE; lightness and percision when using this rod , convenience and accuracy of castings are in my opinion positives, which should be appreciated by many anglers. The only disadventage may be big number of quite big guides, which when the temperatures are below zero like to freeze and that is why they limit the efficiency of fishing ( you have to unfreeze the guides more often ). I was thinking about the butt, because its length during castings with different tecgniques which are used while fishing for trouts is not without significance - too long significantly reduces the capabilities , often hooking on hips or stomach. In my opinion, the length of that element of the rod is sufficient to effectively cast the lure without hooking on hip, as well as to put it on your forearm ( elbow ) during towing big trout. Ice overhangs, which could be found on the Ina river while I was testing the rods, sid not limit me when it comes to castings and did not limit the freedom when leading the lure. Just , there where I couldn’ t cast or lead the lure as I wanted, I couldn’t and even longer rod would not help. The trout with length 66 cm which I towed almost to my feet was not a problem for SPECIALIST Pro rod. While fighting with the fish I appreciated nicety and beautiful work of this rod what ws not easy to experience while towing such a big trout on significantly stiffer set.

In my opinion both rods will meet different circumstances and tasks which can be met by the trout rivers. Its adventages may be appriciated by every angler who likes fishing for these fishwith smaller equipment.