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MEGA BAITS Combat Power Match


Summer fishing is something enjoyable. The view of dissapearing float and nice weight at the end of the rod increase invaluable experience. Lots of hours which the angler must spend to find perfect fish go into oblivion when they pose to a photo with another beautiful fish. Fishing won’t be pleasurable if the anglers don,t have proper equipment dedicated to a proper method. I am deeply in love with match rods and I have a lot of them. I use them not only on long distances but also in the rivers, commercial fisheries. I have to admit that match rods have universal application.


Combat Power Match in practice

During summer time I had a real pleasure to test new MEGA BAITS Combat Power Match rod. The length is classic 3.6 m, what means universal, classic and the most popular size. The producer also made longer and shorter models, what gives us the choice. We all know the obstacles which are waiting for anglers, starting with low-slung baldachins of the trees and finishing with sunken trees. The conditions require the usage of different equipment , I knew where I was to fish and what I wanted to catch, so I decided on model with length 3.6m.

My first impression when I got the rod was very positive. It does not cost a lot, so everyone can afford it. The first thing which strikes your eyes is foam handle , specially profiled to lie well in hands. There are lots of fans od cork, but it is easier to keep in clean the product from EVA foam - I did not notice any damage when I was using it ( very intensively ), I did not notice any cracks on the connection what I had seen before on different spinning rods. Fastening the reel is classic and well done reel seat, solidly constructed with metal elements which strenghten the whole rod. The fans of the reel with still spool do not have to worry, because the foot remains stable without any looses. Critical place , what is the connection of the foam with a blank was strengthened by durable cork - rubber and cork. This finishing adds charm and character to the rod. The blank has got 13 guides, what is typical for match rod. It is good to well distribute the load on the blank. Sticky line, especially during fog and rain has gone with the wind. Anyone who met this kind of problem knows what I am talking about - this is what I appreciate the adventages of this rod the most. The guides are arranged in cone, which perfectly gathers the line which extends from the reel. It corrects the casting range.

The connection of the components of the rod is not a problem at all, after assembling the rod, you cannot find any looses. Even during rainy weather its elements did not jam, what can be a problem for other rods. The action is top and comes into parabolic - these are the adventages which commercial anglers of carps will appreciate.