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Jig head simple choice?


The day is rising I am leading the lure which is jumping on the bottom, I can feel a snap. Quick and energetic jam and I can see a beautiful fish on my rod. The moment of fight and then chill. I am stowing away my set and looking at the lure and all is clear.

If You fishing where are big pike or You use small lures, it is worth to use longer steel leaders 35-40 cmThe reason of my failure was the mismatched hook of the jig head. To minimize such situations in the future I am trying to obey the rules when it comes to choosing the hook of the jig head which I will brifly present in my article. A lot of alnglers when choosing the jig head think only about the mass of a head and the size of a hook, forgetting about the rest of the paremeters. For me these two first parameters are important but they are not the only ones. The shape of the hook and thickness of the wire which is used and the finishing ( thermal treatment ) elbow ( wrought, laterally wrought or not ) are very important for your fishing results. You can of course fish for bigger fish with thin rods but you can easily loose your fish during fight and it requires a lot of skills from an angler and perfectly matched equipment. To avoid problems it is a good idea to look to the catalog and read the description inserted by the producer, very often you can read about designation of given products and its benefits.

The flexibility of the rod.

The influence of the flexibility of the rod on the hook is important. Fishing on the line we can use delicate hooks, because the flexibility of the rod will amortize spurts of fish and will not expose the hook for unbending, what ocurres when the line is too stiff with inextensible braid in complete. The similar situation is with the rod’s action deep bend will amortize spurts better. At this moment comes the conclusion that I should always fish with thick hooks but I think that this conclusion is hasty. You need a lot of strenght to knock in the thick hook so fishing with delicate rod with thin line you may lack the power. In this situation you have to use your feeling and choose the proper thickness of the hook to the general power of the set and its stiffness.

The shape of the hook

Another criterion of choosing the proper jig head is the shape of the hook, its very important. I choose the shape to the specie of fish which I want to catcht. For fish with hard mouth, such as pike and zander I use Speed or Speed HD becasue they do not bend strongly, they penetrate thick tissue and they hold tight. Unfortunately compared with hooks in Viper jig heads they do not forget the mistakes during fighting with fish. I recommend Vipers for fishing for asps, chubs and ides because we do not have to use so much strength to catch the fish.

ViperSpeed HD (type 40)Speed (type 21)

Football and Protector

Another group of jig heads are atypical jigheads, such as Football or Protector. These jig heads were made for a concrete situations which can occur by the water. Protector was made for fisheries with a great number of hitches.It is not protection against bogging down of the lure in the gaps in the bottom, for example between the stones. Footballs were designed to stabilize the lure falling in a horizontal position and reduction/ prevention against expounding aside. Very nice way of using these jig heads is to put on them soft lures with a hole in the middle, such as Chucky and to put buoyancy foam in its tail ( even Styrofoam ). It will give you antypical work of the lure during decent. Soft lure ( primarily head and the front part of soft lure’s body ) after hitting the bottom will start to flow the tail to the vertical position, similar to the fish, what may be the only way to encourage zanders perches to attack.

Football Protector

X-FineVery interesting group of jig heads are X-Fine which are for small soft lures, so called crumb. They do not have to be resistant to bending , because they are used with delicate rods and thin lines. Their main adventages are high sharpness and proper shape which provides good holding of smaller fish with delicate mouth, such as ide, perch, grayling, common dace and chub. or even brown trout of medium size ( but only for experienced anglers). Choosing those jig heads it is a good idea to choose the whole range of weights to precisely select proper jig head to a proper fishery, lure and activity of fish. Personaly I think that jig head should be precisely selected. Such approach will protect us from being disappointed by the water. The topic of size selection of the hook and weight of the jig head I treated in rather simple way in this article, because it had been discussed many times before in many other articles and I am sure that you are familiar with the topic. At the end I want to wish success by the water for all the anglers.

Rafał Reiter
fot. Waldemar Ptak