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Jig head simple choice? - X-Fine and crumbs


X-FineVery interesting group of jig heads are X-Fine which are for small soft lures, so called crumb. They do not have to be resistant to bending , because they are used with delicate rods and thin lines. Their main adventages are high sharpness and proper shape which provides good holding of smaller fish with delicate mouth, such as ide, perch, grayling, common dace and chub. or even brown trout of medium size ( but only for experienced anglers). Choosing those jig heads it is a good idea to choose the whole range of weights to precisely select proper jig head to a proper fishery, lure and activity of fish. Personaly I think that jig head should be precisely selected. Such approach will protect us from being disappointed by the water. The topic of size selection of the hook and weight of the jig head I treated in rather simple way in this article, because it had been discussed many times before in many other articles and I am sure that you are familiar with the topic. At the end I want to wish success by the water for all the anglers.

Rafał Reiter
fot. Waldemar Ptak