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Jig head simple choice? - The shape of the hook


The shape of the hook

Another criterion of choosing the proper jig head is the shape of the hook, its very important. I choose the shape to the specie of fish which I want to catcht. For fish with hard mouth, such as pike and zander I use Speed or Speed HD becasue they do not bend strongly, they penetrate thick tissue and they hold tight. Unfortunately compared with hooks in Viper jig heads they do not forget the mistakes during fighting with fish. I recommend Vipers for fishing for asps, chubs and ides because we do not have to use so much strength to catch the fish.

ViperSpeed HD (type 40)Speed (type 21)

Football and Protector

Another group of jig heads are atypical jigheads, such as Football or Protector. These jig heads were made for a concrete situations which can occur by the water. Protector was made for fisheries with a great number of hitches.It is not protection against bogging down of the lure in the gaps in the bottom, for example between the stones. Footballs were designed to stabilize the lure falling in a horizontal position and reduction/ prevention against expounding aside. Very nice way of using these jig heads is to put on them soft lures with a hole in the middle, such as Chucky and to put buoyancy foam in its tail ( even Styrofoam ). It will give you antypical work of the lure during decent. Soft lure ( primarily head and the front part of soft lure’s body ) after hitting the bottom will start to flow the tail to the vertical position, similar to the fish, what may be the only way to encourage zanders perches to attack.

Football Protector