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Fishmaker - friendship not at the first sight


Some time ago I was asked to test the new version of rod, I have to admit that I was quite happy because of this. Waldek Ptak who knows a little about my likes and preferences gave me Fishmaker II Sensitive Jig 18.


I was waiting impatiently for the ocassion to use the spinnig on my fishieries. My task was to assess the rod under combat conditions with different lures in different waters. Finally the day came and I was by the water with the rod in my hand. Before I started fishing I tested the rod “ organoleptically “. First diagnosis was positive. Traditionally I could not say anything bad about the design and materials which were used to the rod’s production. My Fishmaker II is a rod of 240 cm long with a characteristic orange tip. Guides ( high quality material ) carefully placed, varnish finishing - very aesthetic. The description on the blank short and concrete, the handle - very ergonomic, designed to please the user. The designers did not forget about the “ eye” for the lures - it doest not happen often but some designers forget about this small element using some strange solutions instead.

Contoured handle

The handle is made from very nice to touch and worm cork, small porosity makes it very easy to clean, contoured in the way to be comforteble for the angler. On the daily basis we cannot find too many rods with ergonimic construction of the handle , that is why we can call Fishmaker II as a unique. The seat reel Fuji is very practical and user - friendly. The length of the handle, what is very important for me, is in my opinion optimum.


This is I think the most interesting part for those who are interested by this rod. I come back to the moment when I first appear by the water with the view to fish with Fishmaker II. My fishery was a small river, it was not too deep, and the goal of my trip were ides and perches I used the line ( quite delicate, diameter 0.16mm). I have to say that...during our first meeting I was not strongly impressed by this rod. I was fishing with quite light lures-wobblers to 4cm, small jigs and of course with not big soft lures on jig head to 4 g. First impression: rod as a rod. The rest of my observations and analysis goes from euporia to disappoitment. By the way, I was fishing in quite difficult weather and local conditions: strong, gusty and side wind, miserably overgrown river with fish which did not want cooperate with me that is why apart from euphorically testing the rod I went to whipping the water with small hope for any contact with the fish. From my first trip I did not come back with good memories and with many positive thougts about tested rod: because as I mentioned before I did not have good experience. BUT...wait, wait it is just a begining of my adventure with Fishmaker II and I won’t discourage so easily.


Zamiany żyłki na plecionkę

Another trips came and the choice - as it is usually during spring time - for fishery was on rivers and small rivers , I chose days and evening time when all the noises of civilization disappear. My goal is like always: ide, chyb and perch, instead of line I chose Dragon Invisible Braid 0.08mm and then it started. That change proved to be a hit. The rod showed its true colours. Together with the rise of the temperature, the numer of catches, the sizes of fish and the number of trips by the water rise to. This was the beginning of testing my rod. The rod with the line works correctly in my opinion, however with the use of thin braid it gains 200 % of its advantages. I will start from guides - high quality, during coiling up the braid or line you do not hear any noiseson the “ ring “ and its arragement with connection with the blank’s construction has a positive influence on the distance and casting precision. It is time for the blank. Fishmaker is not a typical spinning rod.It is slightly more massive rod, my model is designed for spinning sligtly heavier than ultra light. The rod of a fast action, with top bending with significan supply of power and incredible sensitivity - we can feel and see the most delicate bites. It exposes its qualities mainly when using the braid what causes the situation that you can feel even the most delicate bites of sluggish predators. I considered the spinning rod as rather delicate of stiff construction and with very soft tip, where main weight limit of used jig heads ended at the 6g and the maximum length of the lure - 6cm. In the catalog specifics we are told thet the rod can be used to side strap. During my tests I checked that variant. I do not know what Dragon’s designers had on their minds, if the loading should be above or only to 10g - from my observations I can give subjective rate- this spinning rod can be used for this fishing technique, but it won’t be favorite of the side method lovers. I used weights 7-12 g and I think that Dragon have in its offer the rods more sensitive and generally better for this method, than Fishmaker II Sensitive Jig 18. There is different situation with Drop Shot method, here the rod is perfect. I know that each of us have different likes and preferences but I am pretty convinced that the most of potential users of this rod will be satisfied with he possibilities which they will meet on the fishiery thanks to Fishmaker II.

It's sensitiveness and power

prezentacja kolorówThe power supply which I mentioned before provides certainty that the rod will not fail during fight with really nice fish. You should not exaggerate with the mass of used loading, it is better to follow the t.w. Apart from Drop Shot, Fishmaker II is perfect for spinning technique with Carolina Rig but in lower variant of loading when the contact with drooping lure is important and the bait reaction must be immediate. In this case Fishmaker II can handle it. I have to add that I check the rod when fishing with spinners in the size range of 1-3, spoon lures 1-2, wobblers 10 cm, cicadasto 9g and jigs to 8g. The rod never failed, was sensitive and fast. I perfectly went to full bending and thanks to that is why it efficiently sucked the energy of the fighting fish and increased our chances for victory.



I highly recommend Fishmaker II Sensitive Jig 18 for all jiging lovers, thish light and rather stronger, sympathizers of “ Carolina” and all of you who want to have reliable rod and which gratifys the actions. Maybe there are another, better products for described methods and spinning techniques, maybe there are prettier, maybe more dynamic, cheaper..., maybe… But I am sure that I will stay with Fishmaker II as the rod which is proven and reliable. It is true that during my first moments with Fishmaker I was not so satisfied but finally I really like this rod and I cannot imagine my trips without it.

Radek Florek