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Fishmaker - friendship not at the first sight - Jest delikatność i moc


It's sensitiveness and power

prezentacja kolorówThe power supply which I mentioned before provides certainty that the rod will not fail during fight with really nice fish. You should not exaggerate with the mass of used loading, it is better to follow the t.w. Apart from Drop Shot, Fishmaker II is perfect for spinning technique with Carolina Rig but in lower variant of loading when the contact with drooping lure is important and the bait reaction must be immediate. In this case Fishmaker II can handle it. I have to add that I check the rod when fishing with spinners in the size range of 1-3, spoon lures 1-2, wobblers 10 cm, cicadasto 9g and jigs to 8g. The rod never failed, was sensitive and fast. I perfectly went to full bending and thanks to that is why it efficiently sucked the energy of the fighting fish and increased our chances for victory.



I highly recommend Fishmaker II Sensitive Jig 18 for all jiging lovers, thish light and rather stronger, sympathizers of “ Carolina” and all of you who want to have reliable rod and which gratifys the actions. Maybe there are another, better products for described methods and spinning techniques, maybe there are prettier, maybe more dynamic, cheaper..., maybe… But I am sure that I will stay with Fishmaker II as the rod which is proven and reliable. It is true that during my first moments with Fishmaker I was not so satisfied but finally I really like this rod and I cannot imagine my trips without it.

Radek Florek