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Fishmaker - friendship not at the first sight - Contoured handle


Contoured handle

The handle is made from very nice to touch and worm cork, small porosity makes it very easy to clean, contoured in the way to be comforteble for the angler. On the daily basis we cannot find too many rods with ergonimic construction of the handle , that is why we can call Fishmaker II as a unique. The seat reel Fuji is very practical and user - friendly. The length of the handle, what is very important for me, is in my opinion optimum.


This is I think the most interesting part for those who are interested by this rod. I come back to the moment when I first appear by the water with the view to fish with Fishmaker II. My fishery was a small river, it was not too deep, and the goal of my trip were ides and perches I used the line ( quite delicate, diameter 0.16mm). I have to say that...during our first meeting I was not strongly impressed by this rod. I was fishing with quite light lures-wobblers to 4cm, small jigs and of course with not big soft lures on jig head to 4 g. First impression: rod as a rod. The rest of my observations and analysis goes from euporia to disappoitment. By the way, I was fishing in quite difficult weather and local conditions: strong, gusty and side wind, miserably overgrown river with fish which did not want cooperate with me that is why apart from euphorically testing the rod I went to whipping the water with small hope for any contact with the fish. From my first trip I did not come back with good memories and with many positive thougts about tested rod: because as I mentioned before I did not have good experience. BUT...wait, wait it is just a begining of my adventure with Fishmaker II and I won’t discourage so easily.