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Fishmaker - friendship not at the first sight


Some time ago I was asked to test the new version of rod, I have to admit that I was quite happy because of this. Waldek Ptak who knows a little about my likes and preferences gave me Fishmaker II Sensitive Jig 18.


I was waiting impatiently for the ocassion to use the spinnig on my fishieries. My task was to assess the rod under combat conditions with different lures in different waters. Finally the day came and I was by the water with the rod in my hand. Before I started fishing I tested the rod “ organoleptically “. First diagnosis was positive. Traditionally I could not say anything bad about the design and materials which were used to the rod’s production. My Fishmaker II is a rod of 240 cm long with a characteristic orange tip. Guides ( high quality material ) carefully placed, varnish finishing - very aesthetic. The description on the blank short and concrete, the handle - very ergonomic, designed to please the user. The designers did not forget about the “ eye” for the lures - it doest not happen often but some designers forget about this small element using some strange solutions instead.