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Leaders for different fish and techniques - The wealth of hook lines



Z kolei łowiąc szczupaki nie przekraczające długości 1 metra, ale żyjące w łowisku z dużą ilością kryjówek z pni i konarów zatopionych drzew, głazów czy umocnień brzegowych, warto założyć najdłuższy przypon z możliwych, nawet 60 cm wykonany z zestawu SELF-MADE.  The wealth of hook lines

Not to impede but to make the fishing  easier in all conditions, various species of fish, Dragon has created the whole range of hook lines using the highest quality of components. On different stages of productionof Dragon’s hook lines we can meet such companies like Momoi, aquatek0 or A.F.W. The hook lines are produced in Poland under the strict supervision of Dragon.

The hook lines group includes: classic hook lines, systems with spiral for pike, systems for dead bait, zander stingers on the line. Even when browsing the offer carefully in the catalogue we can see the variety, what is good when you want to choose the best accessories which will make it easier for you to catch a difficult fish. You can find here such things like HM NI - TITANIUM WIRE - composite wire of nickel - tytanium which has so called safety mechanism, when the fish fits too strongly and creates violent tension in the hook line, it will stretch even overa dozen percent of its length. When the strength which causes the tension will become weaker, the wire comes back to its basic size.It is great solution on the fisheries where you can catch the fish of your life i.e. zander fishery - catfish, perch fishery -  huge zanders, fat asps preying in the bottom zone.

The angler who id jerking the pikes will find a proper hook line for himself/herself from Dragon’s offer - stiff, durable and not to chew by pike’s teeth. You can choose metal hook line which if you are lucky will stay with you all season ( it will stay stiff, only strong bend at an acute angle will break its straightness, however even such hook line preserves its efficiency). If you do not want to spend more money or if you want to get long and transparent hook line and of course stiff enough not to hinder jerking, you can choose fluocarbon with diameter of 0.45mm. This diameter is strong enough for pike’s teeth and you do not have to worry about the fish and lure. Wanting to be sure, you can choose the hook line with the diameter of 0.55 mm - this hook line survived the fight with over a dozen pikes, including several of 80cm and four of 1 m. Those of you who do not trust “ factory “ hook lines can do one by yourself form semi - finished products, offered by Dragon. The advanage of this solution is the fact that you can set the length by yourself. The material used for hook line is also used for assembling drop shot sets, side strap, leader which is needed to load thewobbler or spinner to achieve great depth and also like a hook line or protective leader on the overgrown fishery. Spinning or trolling sea trout, the thick fluocarbon is used with success as invible connector and as protective hook line between braid and lure.

The fields of exploitation for hook lines and hook line materials include lots of fishing techniques, not only in spinning and trolling but also in fly fishing, ground fishing and sea fishing. That is why, it is quite important to get familiar with Dragon’s offer, where you can find products made from titanium wire, composites which contain titanium, steel braids, composite titanium - Nykiel wire. This is basic division, after that there is more detailed division. For user the most important is catalogue division which includes the series, established because of utility in spinning, these are the series: Classic, Light, Big Game, Big Game Trolling.

Each of these series have the groups of hook lines which are useful in given methods and techniques of fishing. This is complete offer, highly rated by polish andeuropean anglers.

Waldemar Ptak