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Nano Core Spinn 28 - light does not mean weak - About rod



  • · Suitable length – Nano Core is offered in two versions: 21 and 28 and in three lengths: 183cm, 198cm and 213cm and two kids of loading : Spinn and Cast. If the choice and compatibility of the rod with reel or multiplier is an individual matter, I suggest not choosing the rod longer than 2 m, I even insist on choosing the rods as short as possible when fishing in summer, in overgrown fisheries. You have to fight with he fish in short distance, sometimes you have to even swim on the fish when it wraps itself in a bunch of underwater vegetation. The shorter rod we have in this situation, the better we control the fish fighting under us. Small length gives us greater precision when casting under the hand, which are even irreplaceable when fishing from a small boat. As an additional advantage we should treat short handle which lets the maximum use of the potential of ros’s action by gentle vertical and horizontal movements of wrist .
  • · Appriopriate and fast action – The use of light variant of spinning during summer time requires frequent lures changes. Once we fish by pulling small spinnerbait on the surface of water, and a moment later we have to down with the lure to 2-3m, directly in the gap between vegetations. It means that we are going to use all kinds of lures. In this situation is the rod with Fast action ( fast but not extra fast ) because it lets the lure to smoothly down with the lure in deeper parts of water and delicate amortization let the lure slip between vegetations. Thanks to that we not only safe time but we also increase the chance to catch a fish because we do not startle it. We do not lose the strength and speed of hook set and proper bending ( semiparabolic or even better parabolic ) let the rod follow the fish diving into thicket.
  • · Low weight and accuracy – It might seem that if we fish with small lures , weight of the lure is not so important, because we do not tire a hand during casting. Nathing could be more wrong. Fishing from a boat in overgrown fishery, we have to take into consideration the fact that sometimes we have to cast 3 or 4 times more often. Every casting should be well-thought- out and precise. What’s more, the distance of our castings will not be more than a few meters - in one small gap in the vegetation we may fish from a short distance - making even 20 or 30 castings - and this can be exhausting for our muscles, not even mentioning the fight with a fish. That is why you should choose the rods which are as light as possible to make your fishing precise and comfortable.
  • · Power and the method of giving it back – The way the blank takes the weight of the fish is very important in this case. We should take into consideration the fact that every second fish can “ take” a tuft of vegetation what in a spily second has an influence on bend of the rod and increase of force which affect the blank. Even slightly loosen the line may result in releasing the hook by fish. In a second we may be forced to strenght fight with the fish. That is why I prefere the rod with as I call it “ double charging mode “. You can find lots of them on the market, untill recently they could be taken by buying expensive rod from a rodbulider. In short, the point is that during fighting with medium or slightly bigger fish the rod should bend to properly keep the fish ( semiparabola ) but when the fish rapidly return it should go to the full parabola. It is something like rapid speeding on third gear and going streight to the fifth gear.

Nano LIte XT60C FD1015iAfter few really good trips, I can say that Nano Core Spin 28 connects all the described features. I cannot say that it will be good only in these circumstances - it is also good in neutral conditions on lakes with less developed flora, where we are looking for zanders and pikes. It has great potential to use it during autumn trips for perch ( in shallow and deep lakes as well) or even for fishing for trout and chub in small rivers. On the whole my Nano Core 28 Spinn cooperates with Dragon NanoLite XT60C reel ( size 1020i). Thanks to the fact that the whole set doesnot weight much, I fish with comfort not being tired since morning untill late evening. Despite small sizes, NanoLite is quite enough for medium size or mass lure. It is good when it comes to strength fight. I really recommend this ror and reel.

Paweł Karwowski