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Nano Core Spinn 28 - light does not mean weak


Szachty fishery which is almost in the centre of Poznań, some time ago became my field of training. This is the water which is techically very dificult, with lots of hooks and lush vegetation does not spare beautiful pikes, perch and even catfish.

If fishing from the boat was not a big problem for me, yet until May this year, after the heat weave and rapid increase of coontails looking for fish on the bottom was almost impossible. I had to radically change my tactics, choosing shallow diving lures and chose the proper rod which would allow to lead them in an attractive way between the gaps in vegetation. This way, after thinking carefully about the matter I had Dragon Nano Core Spinn 28, length 1.8c cm and casting weighth 7 - 28 g, in my hands.


Short, specialized rod

If you are looking for predators in stillwater this time a year, you should know that nicety with which you can lead spinnerbait, soft lure or Slider on shallow waters is a guarantee of success. Fish do not show their interest in preying during the day, what makes us, anglers to trigger they instinctive attack. Additionally when we fish on deep, flat water we cannot exclude biger catch and even undersized fish may cause trouble during fight when seeking for shelter in underwater vegetation. Especially during hot months, slight change in spinning form the boat requires the use of the rod which joins several significant features and in my opinion Nano Core has them all.