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Invader Pro and Belly Fish Pro

I got these soft lures for test at the begining of the spring 2015. It was the prototype of present models which are available on shop shelves.

Invader and Belly Fish V-lures came in on the market when the market was full of many others soft lures, but immediately get very good opinions as very effective luresI must honestly say that after taking them into my hands, by my “ angler’s nose “ I knew that they would be really good soft lures - anglers have been so that some of lures they like and some of them they do not like. Intiutively I believed that they would lure predators, such as perch, zander and pike. Later when I was on a fishery, with great interest I put on soft lures and I started spinning in different zones: with pleasure I used few differend spinning techniques to test the soft lures in various conditions and ways of presentation. Rippers worked perfectly from the descent - luring the fish; they were not worse with the contact with the bottom and bottom zone.

rozmiarówka Invaderarozmiarówka Belly Fish


The soft bait owes its proper work not only to good construction but also to the use of suitable material. When it comes to Belly Fish, the tail is very important - it is perfectly made, its shape, size and delicacy is the effect of using proper material and perfect production. This soft lure works nicely during the descent, apart from the tail, the whole body works sparkling a little and wirthes smoothly. What’ s more it’s high luring efficiency is maintained in different types of the rivers : trout’s, zander’s , free channels with ides and perches, the rivers which flows through dam reservoirs and in difficult chub’s rivers. Invader Pro has great effectiveness with luring the fish - also from the descent - leading slowly and with medium speed it resembles fleeing, sick fish. I really like Invader Pro, which on my fisheries lures the perches, zanders and pikeswith great effectiveness. These soft lures are made from the highest quality of materials in a large range of colours, what facilitates the angler the choice. Thanks to all range of colours they allow for efficient fishing in crystal clean rivers and dirty rivers ( after heavy raining ). It is important to pay attention on the daylight during sunny and cloudy weather, jugging the soft lures from bright to very dark colours. I really recommend those soft lures.

Grzegorz Siciński
fot. Waldemar Ptak