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MAGNUM 4X - really worth - Strength




I have to note the strength of the line on the binding, both on the connection with the pin and with fluocarbon. Magnum 4X persists on the simplest knots as well as on these designed especially for braids. I have to admit that I met such a case for the first time. Usually the braids designed for light fishing did not last long, losing their meters in thickets of knots.

I use it with pleasure

I still use Magnum 4X and with each new trip I like it more. Since now it has been doing well, in traditional rigs with jig head as well as with drop shot, at the same time provides high comfort of using . I want to use a quote from the catalogue : “ High class, four weaves braid, wide range of usings, with favourable price - quality relation. This sentence perfectly describes the Magnum 4X’ s character. For little money, we have the product of above average quality. What is the most important , the products gives us sureness, effectiveness and fun from ultra light spinning.

I really recommend,

Piotr Czerwiński