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MAGNUM 4X - really worth


The choice of right braid for spinning is a real challenge, especially when your choice is to make up light perch or trout rig.

The use of small and light lures together with strong wind is a real challenge, it is the test for our patience and self - denial at the same time; nests, knots are the standards in such conditions. I was looking for proven and reliable solution for a long time, especially when resignation of the braid for safer line did not come into play. At the begining of the season I received new and not expensive light grey braid MAGNUM 4X, diameter 0.08mm from Dragon.

It assums a shape well

Four weaves line surprised me during reeling around the spool, perfectly shaping on it. Tight weave, circular cross - section and smooth, silky to touch does not cause jamming the scrolls and any other adverse events. It is worth noting that MAGNUM 4X dose not leave “ colourful “ marks, what is rather common among any other braids on the market, even when it comes to much more expensive products. Bobbin which is close to perfection, did not manage convince me. Taught by the previous attempts I had a kind of distance, what as it turned out later was only unfounded prejudice but first things first…

I tried to tangle it

To get familiar with the braid I chose slightly faster and stronger rod to 18g and the smallest soft lures with jig heads mass 0.08g. It was not easy, I set up the wind, I did not care about guiding the line on the reel’s roll at all. Unfortunately my attempts to tangle the braid failured, because my braid was very “ brave “. I easily casted far and accurately, without any tangles. The line is quietly and seamlessly sliding out the reel’s spool and smoothly going through the guides.