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Nano Power - progressive bending and power - Comfort of using the rod


Comfort of using the rod

I got the rod just before the ide - chub season, that is why I was curious how it would work with range of lures - ultra light and those heavier and if it would meet the requirements when fishing for white predator.
First feature by which I was impresed was great comfort of using the rod. Very good balance together with fast and moderate action what makes your hand not beeing tired even after all day of fishing and castings with 1g wobbler are almost intuitive and precise. Nano Power is perfect for whole range of lures. Wobblers 1.5 - 7 cm, spinners nr 0 - 3, cicadas, spoons and soft lures - without any problem. Usually during spring fishing anglers use more delicate rods, but my number one from last season has been Dragon NanoLite 2.45m, t.w. 3.14g. There are situations when greater power supply is invaulable. During fishing in strongly raised water you can be surprised what 50 cm ide can do in strong current of the river . Yes, we can do it with more delicate rod, but we have to take into the consideration the fact that more ecxciting fight is not indifferent for fish. We have to remember that during that season of the year ides are preparing for srawnig, that is why you should consider slightly different, but safer solution for fish.

Progressive bending and power

In this case, Nano Power is invaluable. On one hand it gives us the possibility of sending light lures, on the other hand smooth and progressive bending with power supply. The fighting of big, strong fish in strong current is exciting, fully controlled and what is more important faster than more delicate rods. Nano Power goes smoothly into progressive bending cushioning all the acrobatic aspriations of our opponent.