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Nano Power - progressive bending and power


During first months of this year I received really nice rod - Dragon Nano Power XT60P Jig 18, 2.45m. t.w. 5 - 18g, it is a new model for 2016.

At the begining, taking into consideration the mark on Nano Power’s blank I treated it like slightly stronger rod for perch for deeper water, using rather bigger lures , eventually when using the drop shot technique. During first “inspection“ out of the water I was surprised by its fast but warm characteristics, which reminds jig rods in the late nineties. Why that association? I think that the reason is obvious. Today jig rods are highly specialized, when years ago we had the universal equipment which could deal with the wide range of lures. When it comes to design and production quality, Nano Power XT60P is a leader among competition. Comfortable and well - thought - out handle, very good balance, decorative silver rings, interesting texture in the lower section of the blank gives artistry which can be found with much more expensive products. Divided handle together with classic black colour of the blankand frapping is a kind of combination of modernity with classic.