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MS-X - chill and perfect - Difficult fishing


Difficult fishing

I was looking for chub in various nooks and crannies of the river. I was casting carefully all th places even those on the other side of the river. The rod apart from the apparent lack of power was ready for an action imidiately after casting. Penetrating the stream of the current of the river was ok for the blank, I am writing about the resistant to water by the smaller lures. In the context of fishing for chubs with the small lures, the rod was perfect.
Kołowrotek Specialist FD - bardzo mocny kołowrotek spinningowy w duraluminiowej obudowie (wykonana w technologii CNC na sterowanych numerycznie obrabiarkach), także polecany do połowu dużych ryb na duże przynęty. Dostępny w 3 rozmiarach: 20, 25, 30. Every few minutes I could feel the contact with the fish, I am sure thet there were small chubs, trouts and one adult grayling - I could see it on my rod for few seconds. I experienced in short time two meetings with pikes about 75 cm - these predators had shaken my rod a little before they swam away with the lures in their mouths. I am pretty sure that they were swiming to spawning grounds. Thanks to the meeting with especially one predator my blank bended nicely and if not the fish which took the lure I am sure that I would catch that river pike ( length 75 cm ). That is why I know that the power supply of this rod is enough to win the fight with really fat chub from the current.

The CXT rods are of great quality and the price is decent. The offer is varied that is why the best solution is to familiarize with the rod personally. each of us, anglers have personal preferences when it comes to rods and have to personally assess its the suitability on the fishery. I invite you to get familiar with CXT and I recommend MS-X:)

Waldemar Ptak