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MS-X - chill and perfect


Bardzo silny kleń, krępy i nurtowy.Today I am going to mention about the situation from a dozen days.Cold early spring. The goals of my fishing are the chubs which live in swift, with variable depth, very cold rivers; medium size shoreline and wild riverbank, the botton even wilder - there is sand, stones, boulders, last year stalks, backward currents, holes, felled trees and many twigs.

Fishing here is a real adventure. It is perfect place to fish for big perch ( and the possible meeting with braver by- catch)or to break off several lures during this short, humind and cold early spring day. However, I am not thinking about it, my attention preoccupies incospicious spinning marked under the name of MS-X what is Micro Special, two - pieces blank of 2.28 cm and casting weight of 2.5-16g, action Med-Fast. It is included in the family of 5 spinnings which were produced based on the CXT technology ( close to X - Cross CGT ). Of course I am writing abotut the technology of production which in hands of Japanese engineers brings great results as successful rods. The blanks have great dynamics and progression which is needed during dynamic fight with raging fish. These blanks have more good features, which are small weight, great handiness, perfect accuracy of castings, good resistance to mechanical damages. They are well equipped and nice - what is a matter of taste of course.

My spinning plan

I chose light, small lures. The longest lure was Salmo Minnow sinking 5cm ( in very short time I brake off three of them ) and light wobblers - length 5.5 cm ( from my friend Bartek) for chub, swiming ( they also did not survive - one stayed on the hitch and the second one was taken by the pike measuring about 80 cm - this dramatic action took part almost above tip and I could observe the behaviour of the fish ). The equipment was replenished by Tiny wobblers, spinners AG and CM Classic, rippers Phantail and twister Hitman. The reels Specialist PRO FD and Nano Lite XT60C size 20. Lines HM 80, Nano Power and on the spools as a supply Magnum and XT69. The diameters of the lines are 0.14mm, 0.18mm, 0.20mm, 0.22mm. As a reserve spinning I took Guide Select Phantom 2.45m, casting weight 2 - 12g and X - Fast action ( with big progression and power supply, I really like this rod). Knowing the potential of that river, I prepared myself for fishing for strong trouts.