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NanoLite Spinn 18 - my first Dragon’s rod

Spinn is 228 cm, so it will be short. I fish only on the rivers and I like the big ones, generally it is the Odra river, but I do not avoid the smaller ones too. Last season I managed to visit few rivers in South - East part of the country, such as: Kwisa, Mala Panew, Ropa, Jasiołka, Lubaczówka and a few other. Wildly meandring among fields and forests, often far away from civilization they can pleasantly surprise persistent angler. They can absolutely verify our preparation.

The author with described NanoLite XT80C and Salmo Bullhead wobblerSo it was in my case. Three times I felt the bitterness of defeat thanks to my favourite, but to progressive rod, I couldn’t efficiently hook set the agressive bites. Two pikes and unspecified “ something “ roughly visualize that I needed a light rod with proper power supply. I wanted the rod to be short so that I could facilitate hiking in riverbank thicket and operating in small space.

I found NanoLite by chance, while Street Fishing competition in Wrocław, where Dragon showed some of their spinning rods. Two pieces Toray blank, with light guides with SiC refill and minimalistic handle with Fuji IPS reel, created the whole which is comfortable in a hand that encouraged me to buy it.

The first test I made this year in February on Biała Przemysza river. I added reel with the weight of 245g with Dragon HM80 diameter 0.18mm line. I fished with wobblers , spinners and jigs.

Dragon NanoLite 18 will be my universal rod for small rivers, for fishing for trout, chub and pike.
Slim NanoLite blank has proper elasticity and quickly dampens vibrations, thanks to that the castings are accurate and throwing the lure on longer distance does not require the use of more strength. Thin tip perfectly transmits the vibrations, what allows to lead the lure with the current , we do not lose control even of the small lure, such as Salmo Minnow, not mentioning how fantastic it is to lead Salmo Hornet or Bullheat types of lures. Similar situation is with spinners, leading spinner nr 1 with the current of the river is as comfortable as leading the spinner nr 3 upstream. The attempt with jigs was also positive, castings with small twisters were not problematic. I felt comfortable with 3-5g heads and after changing the line for Dragon Invisible Braid, diameter 0.11mm.

When fishing with NanoLite I caught few trouts. The blank perfectly signals bites and allows for fast fight without surprises. I really appreciate the rod’s action marked as MED - FAST - it is not too slow that is why we jerk with confindence and it is not too fast to miss the bites. I have not got the chance to test the rod during fight with bigger fish yet, but attempts show that the handle has proper power and the whole will not lose fish.

I recommend it to the anglers who appreciate the products of high quality and affordable price.

Wojtek Lampart