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Fishmaker 0.10 mm / 8.10 kg braid

When I had to choose a spinning rod, I chose Dragon SPECIALIST PRO CHUB length 2.75m. The choice provided to be accurate, when there was not much water in my river, the spinning rod worked well. I do not regreat my choice.

During spring searching for chub, ide and perch there was a line on the spool of my reel. The passage of time and the end of the period of protection different species of fish ( much more stronger than these mentioned before ) exotrs the use of additional stronger line on me. I had that line for another spool of the reel. The line which could fight pike or asp od few kilograms, I wouldn’ t have to worry about the equipment strength. My idea was to choose that one which with its weakest places ( on the nods ) does not exceed the strength of the rod. Otherwise in extreme situations it would risk its damage. The diameter should allow to free castings with mass from 10 to 20g. The requirements are not difficult to meet by the producer in theory, but as we well know, in theory is slightly different. Unknowingly buying you can easly become an owner of a braid which soaks up water what makes it much more heavier, what in consequence hinders castings. The precision and nicety disappears, the castings are difficult and coarse. Sensitive and more delicate rod in that situation is susceptible to described nuances. I hoped to find the braid in fluo colour, not necessarily in the most popular one which is yellow or celadon ( so called zander ). The choice fell on DRAGON FISHMAKER with diameter 0.10 mm and strength 8.10kg. It is available in two categories: light grey and fluo orange. According to my previous pland I chose orange fluo. FISHMAKER braid meets all my requrements. It has very thick weave which prevents the absorbtion of water molecules thanks to that castings become light and accurate. The line has circular cross - section and compered to most of different braids is resistant against mechanical damages above average. It has an opinion of “ well holding “ the colour and diameter. I will fish and check this opinion.

Now there is not much water in my river ( there are not the first weeks of that state ) what makes optimal conditions for that braid. I checked several times the braid in action and it went well, I do not have any critical comments. This colour is available in diameters from 0.06 to 0.20 mm and strengths 4.90 kg to 21.10 kg. The lenght of the line of the spool is 135 m. Taking practical experiences with that line into consideration, I recommend it to everyone who is interested in summer spinning. It worked nicely during fishing with soft lures from the descent as well as during leading with light wobblers. Generally I can describe it as a braid for spinning techniques which require lightness and delicacy. When during autumn time the condition by the rivers won’t change a lot I will also be using it. I will only change the diameter for a bigger one - typical for autumn pikes, heavier lures and the rod with heavier catsing weight.

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Krzysztof Kloc