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For lake perch


Not risking a lot we can say that in lakes we can find perch which deserve anglers’ attention. And here curiosity: in each lake you fish for them in a slightly different way. It is for the nuances. "The devil is in the detail" as the saying says.

Because of the differences which I mentioned before it is not easy to give or even two prescriptions for perch. Each lake offers different conditions of fishing because of the another configuration of the bottom, depth, plants etc. Additional - but equally important - factor is the one brought into by the an angler : his/ her skills, fishing style and equipment. Having only one rod it is not worth to use 2 - 3 different lures, such as spinner nr 4, ripper on 2g head with 8 cm wobbler. Very important factor here is the ability of “ reading “ the water, the possibility of checking the configuration of the bottom by simple manual or electronic probe. In short: big success depends on conscious fishing.

Awareness is the selection of equipment

On the basic of the specification of one lake I am going to give the equipment configuration. You can use the choosen equipment on many other lakes, because they are quite similar - but you should remember about different reaction of perch on the same lure, even in adjacent waters. It has a direct reference to rods, if given rod works with one during descent technique, it does not have to work with the same lure during agressive jiging in 10 m depth. Sample lake: surface about 200 ha, maximum depth to 14m, littoral with small amount of underwater plants, narrow, located on slopes with a drop to 2,3,4,5 and 6 m ( of course in different places of lake ), few hills with height to 3 m above the bottom, the bottom rather soft, few extensive and shallow bays. Average population of perch, each year.


Fishing tactics

We need a floating object, such as a boat, pontoon or kayak. Moving means easier to be found clusters of perch in the littoral zone or in the depths of lake, among lakeside hills. Moving we are able to follow perch and trolling there where it is possible.


Due to fishing from the deck, we should choose shorter rod, thanks to that we will gain precision of presenting lure, speed of hook set, we will not tire our arms and hands. Fishing from pontoon or kayak short rod will allow for a safe for rod pulling the fish out with hand or landing net. When we decide for jigging from the depths of lake or on the bottom, short rod allows for precision during jigging. SF-X c.w. 1-12 g.




To use with big spinner nr 3 and nr 4 type Aglia I recommend strong and resilient rod SF-X SuperFast t.w. 3-16g, length 1.98 m. If you do not use big spinners, only nr 1 and nr 2, you can use SF-X t.w. 1-12g. It is very useful spinning rod. SF-X 3.16g is perfect for slightly bigger wobbler for perch, spinner, heavier jig. It is also very useful spinning rod.

The supplement of recommended SF-X is also good ( for perch ) MS-X MicroSpecial t.w.1-10g perfect with light lures. The spinning rod seems to be ultra sensitive in the sense of strength but nothing can be more wrong; this series have got impressive power supply and high resistance to overloadings. Such features enable us stress free fishing for perch in different fisheries - if MS-X is taken by the 50 cm perch - then the fish is ours. Please do not worry about the rod - it will survive and will help you to take off the fish - that all will be in nice, sporty style and satisfaction from the fight.

Another important rod is spinning rod Fishmaker II. Casting weight you should choose yourself bearing specific of the fishery on mind. If we want to fish for perch with light lure, then you should choose Fishmaker II, t.w. 1-7g. If you prefer knocking the bottom in any part of lake, you should choose 4-21g. Each of offered rods bring precision in action. The rod’s blank works perfect, there is not stiffness ands power supply perfectly fits into usability. Having Fishmaker t.w. 4-21g we do not have to worry about by-catch of zanders.


X-Treme FD - m.in. 6 łożysk kulkowych ze stali nierdzewnej, jednokierunkowe łożysko walcowe zapewniające natychmiastową blokadę biegu wstecznego, lekki i trwały grafitowy korpus, system oscylacji szpuli napędzany przekładnią typu S, łożyskowana rolka prowadząca o dużej średnicy i powierzchni przeciwdziałającej skręcaniu, szpula duraluminiowa typu V, wodoszczelny przedni hamulec wielotarczowy, aluminiowy kabłąk o zwiększonej średnicy i utwardzanej powierzchni.


Its size is as important for an angler as he/ she prizes the lightness of the rod. When you choose MS- X rod there is no sense for heavy reel because it will load the rod and tire the wrist. Perch do not require the use of very expensive reels, but I do not recommend using the cheapest ones- below 100zł. The precision of brake is really important , because perch has brittle lips and jamming reel’s brake contributes disorders in flexibility what results in mounth’s tear and we do not catch the fish. The reels which works with perch are: Specialist FD, NanoLite XT 60C, Ultima II FD, Team Dragon smaller models, Metal Guide II FD, X - Treme FD720i, Manta II Drop Shot, Flash FD1000 and Flash FD600.

Line and Braid

The fans of line, recommend its controlled flexibility “ invisibility” in water, the price which is lower than the price of a braid and you can match the colour to the colour of the depths of water. The fans of braid, recommend low diameter of the braid and relatively high strength, great transmission of signals which go to blank and in some cases the possibility of recover valuable lure. The diameter of the line has to be matched to the size of the fish and to the rod, which means that it also should match with the type and size of the lure. To the given rods you may use the line with diameter: MS - X 0.14 - 0.16mm, SF - X - 0.16 - 0.20 mm, Fishmaker II - 0.18 - 0.22 mm. Using the line of good quality from the series HM 80 or HM 69 you can be sure of winning with perch. Perfect line Kuromasu Lure Soul is a perfect offer for perch anglers, who fish during summer and wintertime. This line is available with the diameter from 0.165 mm. When you want to use a braid you can choose a diameter of 0.06mm, such as HM 8x , Ultra 8X, Nano Clear 8, Nano Core x4, Fishmaker, Invisible Braid, Jiggin Braid When you want to put a little more on your rod, for example SF-X 3-16 g or Fishmaker t.w. 4-21 g, I recommend not expensive but surprisingly good Magnum 4X, diameter 0.08 mm. More expensive braids Ryujin (0,06 mm) and Oshikage Line (0,053 mm) are worth every money which you will spend on them.


The offer is wide, but it is easy to understand that only the part of them will be effective in lake. I will enumerate those which work in my lakes: ripper - Chucky with blue, ripper - Invader - few colours, ripper - Belly Fish - few colours, silver spinner CM- i AG-Classic nr 4, wobler Salmo Executor - what is interesting perfect on another waters Hornet wobblers in standard and Rattlin versions turned out to be ineffective. When looking for effective lure you should experiment and despite failure during one day, you should test it the other day and maybe we will find a lure which will become a perfect lure.

Changing your lure is cheaper than changing your rod, so you should choose your spinnings with care. You should not take your friends opinion into consideration, because each angler feels the rod differently . The best solution is to visit a place where you can see many spinning rods.

Waldemar Ptak