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For lake perch - Fishing tactics



Fishing tactics

We need a floating object, such as a boat, pontoon or kayak. Moving means easier to be found clusters of perch in the littoral zone or in the depths of lake, among lakeside hills. Moving we are able to follow perch and trolling there where it is possible.


Due to fishing from the deck, we should choose shorter rod, thanks to that we will gain precision of presenting lure, speed of hook set, we will not tire our arms and hands. Fishing from pontoon or kayak short rod will allow for a safe for rod pulling the fish out with hand or landing net. When we decide for jigging from the depths of lake or on the bottom, short rod allows for precision during jigging. SF-X c.w. 1-12 g.




To use with big spinner nr 3 and nr 4 type Aglia I recommend strong and resilient rod SF-X SuperFast t.w. 3-16g, length 1.98 m. If you do not use big spinners, only nr 1 and nr 2, you can use SF-X t.w. 1-12g. It is very useful spinning rod. SF-X 3.16g is perfect for slightly bigger wobbler for perch, spinner, heavier jig. It is also very useful spinning rod.

The supplement of recommended SF-X is also good ( for perch ) MS-X MicroSpecial t.w.1-10g perfect with light lures. The spinning rod seems to be ultra sensitive in the sense of strength but nothing can be more wrong; this series have got impressive power supply and high resistance to overloadings. Such features enable us stress free fishing for perch in different fisheries - if MS-X is taken by the 50 cm perch - then the fish is ours. Please do not worry about the rod - it will survive and will help you to take off the fish - that all will be in nice, sporty style and satisfaction from the fight.

Another important rod is spinning rod Fishmaker II. Casting weight you should choose yourself bearing specific of the fishery on mind. If we want to fish for perch with light lure, then you should choose Fishmaker II, t.w. 1-7g. If you prefer knocking the bottom in any part of lake, you should choose 4-21g. Each of offered rods bring precision in action. The rod’s blank works perfect, there is not stiffness ands power supply perfectly fits into usability. Having Fishmaker t.w. 4-21g we do not have to worry about by-catch of zanders.