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For lake perch


Not risking a lot we can say that in lakes we can find perch which deserve anglers’ attention. And here curiosity: in each lake you fish for them in a slightly different way. It is for the nuances. "The devil is in the detail" as the saying says.

Because of the differences which I mentioned before it is not easy to give or even two prescriptions for perch. Each lake offers different conditions of fishing because of the another configuration of the bottom, depth, plants etc. Additional - but equally important - factor is the one brought into by the an angler : his/ her skills, fishing style and equipment. Having only one rod it is not worth to use 2 - 3 different lures, such as spinner nr 4, ripper on 2g head with 8 cm wobbler. Very important factor here is the ability of “ reading “ the water, the possibility of checking the configuration of the bottom by simple manual or electronic probe. In short: big success depends on conscious fishing.

Awareness is the selection of equipment

On the basic of the specification of one lake I am going to give the equipment configuration. You can use the choosen equipment on many other lakes, because they are quite similar - but you should remember about different reaction of perch on the same lure, even in adjacent waters. It has a direct reference to rods, if given rod works with one during descent technique, it does not have to work with the same lure during agressive jiging in 10 m depth. Sample lake: surface about 200 ha, maximum depth to 14m, littoral with small amount of underwater plants, narrow, located on slopes with a drop to 2,3,4,5 and 6 m ( of course in different places of lake ), few hills with height to 3 m above the bottom, the bottom rather soft, few extensive and shallow bays. Average population of perch, each year.