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Golden mean


During last boat trip on a large river and night camping in spartan conditions on the bank of the river - I had the chance to check the functionality of my new acquisition - waterproof Hells Anglers..

Czarny pojemnik jest pakowny, mieści w sobie dwa niemałe pudła na przynęty, zostawiając jeszcze miejsce np. na kołowrotki. Dodatkowo posiada zamykany na zamek błyskawiczny pojemnik/tacę na drobne akcesoria. Przeźroczysta folia pojemnika/tacy pozwala szybko odnaleźć choćby woreczki strunowe z przyponami, krętlikami itp.During many years of fishing I have had a chance and need to buy various bags and containers for transporting equipment and lures . I was looking for the one, reliable. Every box or bag has its bed and good sdes. The bags from fabric, even though they were suppose to be waterproof, after prolonged rain seemed to be dropproof - this kind of impermeability is not something that an angler needs.Zawiasy pokrywy wykonane są z trwałego materiału i pozwalają na małą regulacje w przypadku lekkiego przeładowania pojemnika.When the bag was full of water I had to empty it and then I had to dry it - what was quite onerous - when I had to take off the jig hooks and other sharp things, which could blunt easily and I could hurt myself easily. It is not difficult to imagine what happened with my sandwiches, which I took for all day summer fishing, they were wrapped into a paper not foil because I did not want them to brew… Whereas big, plastic bags which are indeed waterproof, weight a lot, especially if you put all your staff inside.