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With finesse solid tip rod by the river - Perch from shallow water.


Perch from shallow water.

Do wędeczki najczęściej podpinam kołowrotek Nano Lite XT60C – lekki i niezawodny. Korpus i rotor kołowrotka wytwarzane są z superlekkiego materiału grafitowego o nazwie XT60C, o strukturze opartej na wydłużonych, wysoko przetworzonych włóknach węglowych. Pozwoliło to na redukcję masy kołowrotka w porównaniu do aluminium o około 20% i zwiększenie sztywności całej konstrukcji o ponad 50%. I do not hide that the Odra river is not the river with big perch. You can get a “ pearl “, but these situations are not frequent. The size of the caught fish do not exceed 20 cm. This size do not bother me and when I want to spend a nice afternoon over the water I go on perch which can be found on the rocky bank. The rod which allows me to have fun from such fishing should be very delicate and durable at the same time. Fishmaker II turned out to be perfect rod for fishing from one meter water, with very light jigheads. I was suppose to send my 1g lure far enough, not to scare school of fish. The fight with 20 cm fish can give you a lot of fun even though it is “ only “ regular perch.

Wyrafinowany, delikatny, ale przy tym bardzo sprężysty i mocny drut, dwa mikroskopijne zadziory, umieszczone po przeciwnych stronach trzonka haczyka, kropelkowe, lekko spłaszczone ołowiane dociążenie i specyficzną pozycję oczka zaczepowego uznaliśmy za cztery nienaruszalne cechy mini-główki […].The easiest way to catch them is spinner, its work is well visualised on the tip , but when the perch was attacking the action of the spinner was weaker and the jerk was perfectly transmitted to our hand, and even more visible. The rod gave me a lot of pleasure, reminded of my childhood time, while standing with my first tip spin rod on the bank of the Odra river, I was learning spinning. I will keep Fishmaker II for long time, and every now and then I will go fishing only with this rod. Vibrating tip in spinning fishing is great fun.

Adrian Polakowski