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With finesse solid tip rod by the river - Predatory perch


Predatory perch

During one of my perch trips I reminded myself about an interesting place. It was a ditch with 3,5 m water, the concavity was quite short, about 2 m. Seemingly unattractive place, but the seabed attracted the perch some time ago. The night was coming, and it seemed to be a perfect sunset, when the rays reflected from the water surface made my feel delighted.
At 9.30 p.m. I am on the position, I want to cast 10 times and come back home. I am casting energetically with JUMPER, micro size, colour fluo and I am waiting patiently for the rod to reach the bottom. I am jerking a jighead few times from the sticks which can be found on the bottom. The weight of the head is barely 2.5 g but I can feel it perfectly even at that depth. During another jerk, I can feel resistance and pulsing fish, I am sure that this is not a perch. When I fish out the fish, it turned out to be a bream. I have not caught a bream for spinning for 2 years. You can use this spinning rod for rudd and perch, we should use light and ultra light lures, I am thinking about ide, chub and roach because they in bright sun like to eat our spinner or slowly leading wobbler. Believe me or not but small wobbler leading on this spinning rod works quite well.