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Title Author Hits
Trolling an Art in its own Right Written by Simon Gibson 2447
Lake Sibbo and V-lures is a great Concept. Written by Johan Bjelkendal 2239
SPEED - it means difficult tests which are confirmation of choice Written by Emilia Jaskulska talked with Radek Skalski 2121
Big Perch time Written by Johan Bjelkendal 1022
Capability Mode Written by Simon Gibson 1062
STEALTH is a nice machine for good money Written by Daniel Sikora 1044
FLY FX #7 for spring trout Written by Krystian Ścisłowicz 797
MicroSpecial trouts Written by Kamil Zaczkiewicz 861
FLASH XC40P Slow Lure 8 - a nice surprise Written by Grzegorz Bałchan 1123
For zander with ripper Written by Jakub Hutňan 3627